Monday, September 29, 2008

Big News!

O.M.G. So our friends Cali & Danny came over for dinner last night, and mentioned in passing that the apartment over them (so, the first floor of the house they live in the basement of) is going to be available in December. The rent is way cheaper then what we are paying now, and it is 2 bedrooms (so we wouldn't have to have our desks in the bedroom!) We discussed the awesomeness of us moving there, but basically thought it wouldn't be able to happen due to us having our lease paid for until August. 

BUT! This morning I talked to our landlords, and they said that they would talk about it and let us know in the next couple of days if we could sublet the remainder of our lease! SO! We might get to move to a 2br apartment (house!) above the wonderful Bakker's and live in sunshiney goodness! 

Pray that our landlords will be nice and let us find them some awesome newlyweds to live here! I don't know if I'll stay sane if I have to live in a basement with no windows for much longer!

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