Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Its official! (almost)

We are moving!
Well, here is the almost: We haven't crossed the t's and dotted the i's.

Here is the progress:
The house above Cali & Danny is still open, and the lady said she'd rent it to us! All we have to do is go see it and sign a contract with the landlord! Rock on!
Our apartment is up on craigslist and we have had 20 emails about it. Our landlords said we could sublet and so we are starting to show it tomorrow! Ahhh!

We should know in the next few days exacts. I'm so EXCITED.

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Net said...

heeeeyyyy, I found you! so, we need to talk. I am a bum. I am way more than a bum. I'm a schmuck. And I've been too cowardly to call you since I missed your wedding, and then reception, and then the other reception. Believe me, I cried. I'll have to tell you the stories.
Anyway... cute blog! And thanks for posting wedding pics- you look gorgeous!!