Sunday, October 5, 2008

The weekend!

Was fantastic!
Here is us at the hotel (the Red Lion- it was fantastic!) about leave for dinner
Us at dinner
I wish I had gotten photos of our food- it was REALLY good. Yay for seafood! :-)
The next day, after ordering room service for breakfast (mmmmm... breakfast in bed) and watching the first session at the hotel, we braved the horrible weather in SLC to stand in line for tickets to the second session!
After standing outside for about a half hour, then standing in the parking garage for another half hour, we were in! As you can tell, we were pretty excited!
Our seats were about 20 rows back- in other words, AWESOME! We really enjoyed going.
We came home and David went to Priesthood with Pete and I went shopping with Stephanie. We love the Hoyt's. 

Today, we had a little party for Stephanie's birthday! She turned 20. Pete planned everything, and we just cooked the food, got the icecream cake and tricked her into thinking we weren't throwing a party, but getting her to bring chairs over for us to borrow --- on her birthday! She said she was upset that we asked for chairs, and didn't even invite them for dinner. Haha. We got her good! We had several other friends over, and it was a grand old time. Pete took some photos, so maybe I'll post them when I get them.

David is now studying for his big, bad accounting test tomorrow, and I think we are going to hit the hay here soon. 

As for a house update, all that is left is for our (apartment) landlords to get someone to sign the lease- a ton of people want it. We are excited about moving (into the house) and I already have all kinds of decorating ideas. I think we are going to go tomorrow night and take some photos and get measurements. I'm SO EXCITED. ^.^

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Sally said...

Hey there Sabrina! Cute pics, great blog! I'm glad you linked us so i could find you--Congrats on the marriage!! ( I didn't even have a clue you were getting married when I ran into you at the dentist...ha!)