Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whomp Whomp

My macbook charger bit the dust yesterday, and due to the current people emailing me every five seconds to ask about the apartment thing, I can't really be without a laptop. So, I went and bought a new one. They are 80 bucks! RIPOFF. Whatevs, its allright. Now I can have shorter cord b/c this one has all the parts (I lost the part to make the cord half as long all of a week after I got the laptop) As I was at the mac store I realized this computer is over 2 years old! Like, almost 2 1/2. I felt kindof bad for not throwing it a party - being 2 and not showing a bit of your age, other than some grime on the handrests that can be cleaned off, and knick in the screen from a falling pictureframe that shows character, is pretty dang good for a 2 year old laptop! Seriously! And it hasn't ever freaked out or died or started running really slow. Its just as great as the day I got it! needless to say, I am a mac girl for life. :-)
In other news, I GOT TO SEE OUR NEW HOUSE!
Holy Geez it is the size of Africa. Its 2 bedrooms, and they are smallish in size. You know our bed and the things around it now? That will be wall to wall in the bed bedroom. The other one will fit David's desk just fine, and we get a sweet bonus antique dresser thing that might stay in that room or go in the living room. Speaking of that, the Living room is HUGE! IT is as big as our livingroom/kitchen combined in our apartment now. It has these great corner windows and lets in a ton of light. :-) YAY! The Kitchen is seriously the most amazing thing ever - it has two huge windows that overlook the backyard and we are going to put our table there so we can look out and see it in when we eat. There is a real window over the sink (which is pretty and white.) that I can look out when I am doing dishes. The fridge is new and bight white! The kitchen is the same size as the living room, so massive! There is more cabinet space than we have right now, and its just on one wall. The one sad thing is the stove- its electric- but electric is better for baking, so I guess you win some you lose some. We are going to try to get a rolling- cart thing to put next to the stove, b/c it currently has no prime counterspace next to it. The kitchen could seriously swallow a full size 8person dining room set and a breakfast bar and not take a breath. Its HUGE.  I will miss our laundry at the apartment- the house's is in the basement and its a bit like a cave, and the washer/dryer are no where near as nice. But its all good, they clean clothes decently, or so we hear. :-) The bathroom is a plus for me, a minus for David. It has a bathtub! I love baths! David is sad that he is going to go away from the tall showerhead we have now, and that the storage is built-in in the hallway outside the bathroom. Whatevs.
WE ARE SO EXCITED! They will be moved out sometime before Christmas - the 22nd at the very latest. We are hoping to get it painted before Christmas (David has to work C.Eve, so I hope to finish it then. Thats right, by myself. I'm a HOSS.) and then have all our stuff moved in by the 29th! And then we will live there. :-) Hopefully we can sign a contract with the landlord tomorrow!  (since you probably don't care about our realestate adventures at all. oh well, whatevs.) We might throw a New Years Eve Party - - if anyone is in town! 
AHHH! WE ARE SO STOKED. And Blessed. For real. HF takes all the credit for this one. 

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Cali said...

The washer and dryer do work well, if you stand on your head while pouring in the detergent and sing the ABCs backwards..and...
Just kidding. They do work well. The worst thing, I think, is that you can't load the dryer to full..I mean, if you're doing average size loads it's fine and towels you have to put on high heat BUT if you're trying to dry one of those I'm-doing-two-weeks-worth-of-laundry-in-one load- type loads, then it doesn't dry so well.