Sunday, November 23, 2008


Currently, I am sitting on the floor of David's old room at his parent's house. We are visiting for the night.
I am very frustrated, so I am going to vent.
Oprah gave away these free photobooks on snapfish. FREE! Stupid Oprah. I signed up - so did David.
I am upset b/c I am a procrastinative girl and I didn't do it till tonight.
Also, because the internet at David's house is soooo slow that it took forever to upload photos.
So I didn't finish the second stupid book by midnight.
And I didn't put a freaking cover photo on the first stupid book.
Therefore, two books was the ideal, and I got one, which is messed up.

Okay, rant done.

Moving on.

David talked to the guy who is currently renting the house we are moving into next month. Originally they were going to be out the 14th, but it looks like it will be sooner. The baby was due Dec 1, but they are inducing on Weds! And so they will be here for two weeks then be gone, basically. But the 14th at the latest! So, I can paint on the 15-17, and move the 18-20 and be DONE! So, we will be out of the apartment right after finals end! Hopefully they will be gone on the 11, so I can paint the 12-13 & move the 14-15 so we can be there for more time before Christmas! I'm stoked, because this means our current landlords can't bother us about being out sooner than Jan 1 for cleaning the carpet, and we can move in SOONER! I will officially be in my house in 4 weeks (at the most! Maybe like 3)! AHHH! We just need to switch the utilities into our name (we told the current tenants of the house that we would pay for Dec utilities since they were moving halfway thru the month - trading rent for utilities, I guess).

I am still on the job hunt. So if you know of any job openings in Provo, preferably 9+ an hour, that would be fantastic. I just really really need a job!

I am ready for next week! David has Tues & Thrus off work, and we are just going to love eachother all day on Thanksgiving and watch a lot of movies! YAY! I am making T-give dinner, so we'll put up photos of that

I really want a baby. Good think that my health insurance runs out at the end of this semester and I can't go to the doctor to get my IUD out. Babies are just so dang cute. And I know that babies are huge responsibilities and I am no where near ready for one, monetarily or mentally or physically or in any way. We are still waiting until David graduates school, but I have been dreaming about this baby girl - that David gives birth to (because pregnancy and birth and ugh sounds TERRIBLE to me)- and it is the most adorable baby girl on the planet. I can't wait to have babies. Well, I can, but I'm excited for the day I can actually be ready to welcome one into my life!

Okay, time for Sabrina-pants to go to bed.

Over and out!

(PS My birthday was on Thursday. David gave me my present on Weds (discontinued perfume that I ran out of! yay E-bay!) On Thurs David had to work, so I made a birthday cake for myself. Red Lobster called and told me I wasn't hired (jerks) and the girls took me to color me mine where I made a sweet pie plate which I shall go get Monday and promptly post a photo of, because its CUTE. The we came home and I decorated the cake and we ate it. And talked. It was a great birthday. The end.)

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Hilary said...

Yay, I found your blog! We need your address so we can send you your belated wedding gift . . . but you are moving . . . anyway. You'll get it eventually.