Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have a secret blog with my bff, LaMar. Its more like us writing letters to eachother in the form or blog posts. We prefer it to facebook messages because we are cooler than you.

I have been swimming 5 times in the past week. I have a goal sheet written down for how many laps to swim each day that I check off when accomplished.

I want to lose 20 pounds in the next 4 months. This would put me back at my wedding weight. Dear lord, I have gained 20 pounds since I've gotten married (but so has David, so that makes me feel better.)

I am really bad at returning text messages.

I don't wish people happy birthday on Facebook that I wouldn't send a card to in real life. Thats right, if you are reading this, are my friend on facebook, and I haven't ever wished you happy birthday, I don't really care enough about you to get you a card, figure out your address, and spend money on a stamp to get it to you. Life is hard, get a helmet.

I wish I was Rory Gilmore.

Last night, I slept very poorly due to 7 hours of nightmares about Lord Of The Rings. Not even kidding.

I am going to be a lifeguard this summer because there is no other job I can do without wearing pants.

It is SUMMER in my head. I just figured out that I hate fall and spring and winter. Get to 75+ degrees allready.

I am planning a garden for our massive backyard. It will feed us thru the coming months!

Sometimes, David and I fight about doing the dishes. Oops.

We finally bought some normal drinking glasses (if you have ever been over, you would know we have only had mugs for like, 3 months).

I am baking a wedding cake for a real wedding in 2 weeks. Testrun mini-cake will be on Friday. Word.

Right now, all the shirts we have that need to be ironed are hanging over the door to the living room.

Tomorrow, I have to clean the house. I will probably buy the new Britney CD and blast it whist doing so.

I have to pee.

I am going to bed, in which my husband has been in for over 2 hours asleep.


Sally said...

I hear you about feeling like it's summer - of course, it's kinda easy to feel that way in Texas. :S Sorry bout that ;)
And a garden? Way to go!! I only dream, for now.
It was nice to see you last month, even if only briefly.

Mar said...

secret blog yeah you do girrrlll

also: "I am going to be a lifeguard this summer because there is no other job I can do without wearing pants."

some people might think that you are just trying to be witty or clever, but I think that that sentence is the most truthful thing you have ever written. EVER

Christian and Vanessa said...

Man, I need to get a helmet!

I think I gained about 20lbs after getting married as well. Then I got pregnant...so I can blame it on that now. ;)