Friday, May 8, 2009


9 months ago, at about this time, we were eating at the olive garden celebrating our rencent marriage to eachother. It was great! 9 months.... 9 months..... where is my BABY!?!?!

Just kidding. I don't want a baby.

Good thing, becuase our new calling is NURSERY LEADERS! Man, I'm so stoked! It seriously is the EXACT calling I wanted. No class, just sacrament, to renew my soul, and babies, to renew my mothering instincts.

And now, for some photos.

This is us at Leatherby's in Salt Lake. We are so hardcore.

This is David on his birthday (in Feb) eating sushi with soft shell crab in it. We didn't go to our usual sushi place becuase a friend reccommended this one, and we thought it was was overpriced, but they had some odd stuff, like this. So, one time only, not a bad idea. But we will stick with Osaka's, kthanks. :-)


This is us sometime in Jan, I think. About once a month, we like to have a junk food and movie night. Behold what we consumed:

Chips, Salsa, Guacamole, Eggrolls, Candy, Dr. Pepper and Popcorn. Yummmm.

In other news, I have had 3 sunburns in the past week, all from cleaning the pool across the street. We start filling it next week, and it opens the end of this month. STOKED. I have been guarding at the indoor pool and it has been a blast. Boring, but a blast. Haha. My water saftey instuctor class is going well, and I am going to teach some private lessons to one of the patient's kids from the wellness center, in addition to the classes I'll teach for Provo. Sweeeet action.

Wayne and I shall be doing to garden and the likes tomorrow.

Tonight we are having a cookout. EXCITING.

The end.


Christian and Vanessa said...

Aw happy 9 months & congratulations on your calling!

Sally said...

Don't you believe in sunscreen? Just checking--i'm sunscreen obsessed, and I'll likely be the one to get cancer, cuz i'm that fair-skinned, darn it.