Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just for the house to be destroyed again when David's siblings come to visit.

Maybe I'll take photos tonight after we are done. We have added curtains to the living room, and some more shelves to the Kitchen. Its high time for a new photo session, I think.

I really want a headboard for our bed. I either need to make one, or just go buy one and shut up about it. Its driving me nuts.

Anyways, we are cleaning, so why am I blogging? Because, I did so many dishes that THE HOT WATER RAN OUT. Not even kidding. Thats how many dishes I create. Its impressive, really.

So, after our kitchen is clean, we are making a pact to keep it clean, in a hope that it will encourage me to cook dinner more. I've been pretty not in the mood for that for a while.

David has been doing a stand up job of making the bed these days. Its so nice to come home to a nicely made bed and a nicely clean bedroom. We are trying to do the second bedroom today as it is where the kids will be sleeping when they come.

Michael Jackson died..... I'm putting this in here in case our kids someday read this. David loves him, therefore, guess whats on our Ipod player? Yepp.

MMMMM a nap sounds delicious, but we have to finish cleaning, and then go pick up people at the airport. Wayne gets in at 9:15 then our downstairs neighbors get in at 9:55. Hopefully that'll work out well, and we won't be too bored inbetween. There isn't much to keep us occupied at the airport for an hour. Boo.

David is making fun of me for misspelling. I punched him in the face. (I really just did. I didn't want you to think I'm a liar!)

The end.

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