Friday, July 17, 2009


My eye hurts. Apparently, my eyelid hates me. And decided to be painful and swollen and red. And itchy. And did I mention painful? SUCK.

3 boys I dated came home from this missions last week. 2 of this had NO IDEA I was married. That was kindof funny.

I LOVE chicken nuggets. And country style ore ida french fries. Seriously. They will change your life.

It makes me sad that sometimes people don't want to put forth effort. But such is life.

I am getting tanner and tanner. I have decided that a tanning bed tan can't stand up at ALL next to a sunshine tan. I love my sunshine tan. :-)

I booked a hotel in Park City for our anniversary. Now I just have to get reservations at a place to eat. Its shaping up to be a great weekend!

David re-connected with one of his mission companions last week. He is married and has a kid! Who is adorable. And they are expecting a second. I like his wife. I think that all of us shall be great friends.

We got our plane tickets home for Christmas thanks to my Mom (thanks mom!). I will be down there for 10 days, and David will be down for 3. So, he gets a whole week to play in Provo without me. He will pretty much be working non-stop, but I'm sure he'll get in plenty of quality time with the Stargate teams.

The end.

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Sally said...

Hey there! I like your random updates :)
If you want some really GOOD chicken nuggets, I have a recipe for homemade ones--yummy! :) You just put all the flour & spices in a ziplock baggie, drop in the chicken pieces/strips, shake 'em up, then fry them on the stove with butter or cooking oil of your choice. Super easy.