Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did I tell you?

I've been sick for a week. Its lame. I can't be more than 10 feet away from a toilet, which means no school and not a whole lotta work. I have a buck-load of catchup to do today, but I think I can do it. I went to the Dr and he said it was an intestinal virus, and it should end tomorrow at the latest, if it doesn't, its something else and I have to go give samples. Awesome.

I have lost 7 pounds since the last time I weighed myself. No idea how, just know it happened. And that was yesterday. It'll be fun to see what I'm down to at the end of this week. (I think a lot of it is me being sick, part of it is me trying to be more aware of what I'm eating)

Also, David and I have a new life plan involving nursing, The Army and more nursing.
Basic outline:
We both graduate from BYU, me in ElEd him in Clinical Lab Science (done April 2012)
We live with my parents and I work as a teacher whilst David goes to a fast-track BSN program (done August 2014)
We make a baby (May-ish 2015)
David works as a Critical Care nurse for a year (done August 2015)
David enters the Army to go to Nurse Anesthetist school for 2.5 years (done Feb/March 2018)
David stays in Army for 4.5 Years to fulfill repayment obligation (Done August/Sept 2022)
Second Child is born somewhere in there (prob in 2019-2020 years)
David either stays in the Army for 13 more years to get retirement or goes and works at a CRNA making 150k a year (done army route 2035, or regular route whenever)
If we go the Army Route, he'll retire at 48ish, making 50% of his highest 3 years income for the rest of forever. Then, he'll work as a CRNA until I can retire/our kids are all growed up and then we shall travel the world on our retirements until we are too old to do so, at which point we will buy a nice pretty house that our grandchildren can come visit us in, preferably close to an ocean.

And that my friends, is the rest of our lives.

Sounds planned out, yes?
When/Where David gets into his Fast Track program (this could hold everything up 6mos to a year)
When/If David can get a Critical Care position (if not right away, we might join the Army a year sooner so he can do Nursing the Army for 2 years instead of having to wait 2 years to get a position, then working a year (a year of CC is a requirement for the CRNA school) so he can retire sooner)
Where we go to CRNA school (San Antonio vs. Maryland)
Where we do Phase 2 of CRNA school (anywhere and everywhere in the US)
Gender/timing of children (possibly number of children... but prob not)
Where we get stationed whilst David is in the Army. (up to 10 different places in 20 years! could be overseas!)
Where/When/How Long David is Deployed. (normally 4-6 months every 2 years, but could be up to a year or many years in-between deployments)
How long we stay in the Army. (7 years in Minimum, we prob won't stay past 20)
How fast David advances in Rank whilst in the Army.
If I am able to find a job as an Army Wife in a school.
If David wants to get his PhD (we would be back in Maryland for at least 4 years)
Plus a million other things we haven't even thought of yet.

This plan feels really good. Solid. Something that makes sense. Something that would be good for our future, OUR future, together, as a family.

Also, I love David a lot. He is amazing and wonderful and buys me things when I am sickly, like GingerAle.

The end.

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Brittan said...

wow you guys are so good. i wish i had my life planned out like that. it all sounds so fulfilling and lovely. and yay sabrina babies!

i hope you feel better soon. tummy sickness is the worst.