Thursday, March 11, 2010


- I haven't done The Shred since Saturday (because I hurt my calf and then got lazy.
I think I'm going to start again tomorrow...)

- I have a test today for which I need to study approx 5 more hours. The test needs to be taken 8 hours from now. I WANT TO DIE.

- This is the part of the Semester where I USUALLY start slacking. I now understand what Spring Break is for and why I never did well at BYU Winter semester.

- I have problems putting clothes IN the hamper, even if I am standing literally 2 inches from it. David says that we can't have kids till I put my clothes in the hamper. Turns out we are apparently never having children!

- I thought I lost my 1st anniversary necklace for the past 4 months. The last time I remember seeing it was when I got x-rays for my neck. I didn't find it when we were moving. But David found it here.... odd, huh?

- I want Lent to be over already so that I can eat a Jr. Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap. But not Dr. Pepper (because I am giving that up for 90 days, so will still have over a month left after Lent ends)

- I ALMOST bought us a 5 day trip to the Carribean b/c it was $300 each including airfare. Then I remembered that not only are we poor, we have jobs. BOO.

- I really want our new lisences to get here (I finalllly changed my name and David had to get a TX one)... So David can go give Plasma. And buy me pretty things.

- We both went and took tests to work the Census (woo hoo! extra job = extra money!) and we got perfect scores! Now we are just waiting for them to call!

- If given the choice, I would eat icecream for every meal. Peferbally BlueBell.

- I really need a new phone. Mine keeps dropping calls and not showing people called and not showing me I have voicemail. But this phone has brickbreaker... sooo.... not getting a new phone anytime soon.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Porter works for the Census. It's kind of depressing because I've had my job for a year and he makes more than me starting at the census! It's good pay!