Monday, April 5, 2010

The bad thing about Texas

is the bugs.

There were not misquitoes like this in Utah.

Texas ones WANT MY BLOOD. They find me. Anywhere I am. And bite me. Even if I am wearing clothes.... I have one on my shoulder blade! WHAT THE HIZZY?

David only has 2! More! Weeks! Working at the Census! Which means I'll get my husband back! He closes every night this week and doesn't get home till 10 or after, and I am USUALLY in bed. I need my 10 hours of sleep a night, what can I say?

Tomorrow night I get to babysit some of the cutest kids in our ward. SO STOKED. The best way to not have your own babies is to play with other peoples! I'm really excited. David is really sad he is working, because he would totally love to come play with them. Haha. We are FREAKS. But seriously. Want free childcare? We love to babysit for our date nights! Best of both worlds! You guys go out on the town, we get to play with children! Its best if you have a baby under a year to keep my ovaries in check.

Um.... anyone want a Grill? We have a fully functioning one for 50 bucks. Its really nice, but now we have 2. SO BUY UP, STALKERS IN DFW WHO I KNOW ARE READING THIS.

Seriously tho, email me (you can find my email to the left!).  I will email you a photo back/you can come over and look at it and I will cook you a hotdog on it.

The End.


Chelsea said...

well you can babysit for me anytime! you are so funny! maybe if you babysit often my kids will like strangers!! just sayin!!:)

Steph said...

ummm,yes I want a grill. seriously. Why can't you be here so that we can buy it!?