Thursday, April 22, 2010

My List

So, my Day Zero list goes well.
I have read many books, I think I'm up past 25 now.
I am reading a lot of stupid chick-lit, young adult books.
I'm not even kidding when I say they are like candy for my brain.
I just like shoving myself into the world of a teenage girl.
Hahaha. I just like reading awesome things that don't require me to think.
I think the Librarians all think I'm a freak.
Hello, 22 year old in the Teen Section....

Maybe when I'm older, I want to read more in depth books, but for now, I like my stupid ones.

So, my roomate the last part of my Freshman year and my Sophmore year is on a Mission.
Has been for 9 months.
And I finally just wrote her last week!
And she wrote me back!
And I'm excited to have a pen pal again.

Guys, I feel super friendless these days.
And I'm not saying this to gain your pity.
Its just a fact of my life.
I'm okay reading books and hanging out with David.
But I miss having girlfriends to play/talk with.
I just feel kindof awkard in our ward group, b/c I feel like I'm in such a diffrent place.
"So, what are you guys doing?"
"Ya know, living with my parents, going to community college, where I am a freshman... after 4 years of University. And I've been married for a year and a half. And have no kids."
I love the women in my ward.
They are all really smart and cool, and their kids are adorable, and its not like the shun me or something.
I just feel like an awkward teenager pretending to be a grown up or something.

Ugh, I need some serious therapy.

The End.


Amy said...

...and how do you feel about the fact that you need serious therapy? haha! kidding. I feel your pain. Our first ward in Texas I felt the same way. It will get better!

Brittan said...

um yeah i totally know how you feel. i will be back on may 5th and i desperately need a pedicure... and sushi... and chats. girl date?