Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Got offered a job with the Census today making BANK. I start the 27th and it will last 4-6 weeks. I'm going to be the person coming to your door if you don't turn in your form!

I'm so freaking stoked that they called me back. I've had to turn down 2 other jobs that paid well, but didn't work with the hours I take care of my Grandma, and was worried that they weren't going to call me back another time! But they did! And I got a really good pay rate and I set my hours with my Crew Leader (which is, ironically, the last job I turned down).

All the money I'll make is going to pay for school (mostly for David, b/c he is still out of State until Jan. BOOOO), but it'll be nice not to have to take out any more money in school loans and to not put it on a credit card. We are really hoping that FAFSA will take a little of the sting off (David's Summer classes will be about 1,500!!!!! For community college!!!) but we aren't hoping too hard b/c I think we just barely made too much money last year.

Other than that, stuff is good. I am so ready for this Semester to be done. We have a 3 week break between this Semester and Summer term, so that will be really nice to have. We still have a month left until that happens, tho. Blerg.

Glee is coming on tonight! AHHHHHH! SO EXCITED.

The End.

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