Friday, June 4, 2010


So I have filled out applications at a bajillion sites to be a nanny.
Because I need a job.
And playing with kids sounds fun.
PLLLLUUUUS its pays pretty okay.

I have also sent away a million resumes, and monstered till my eyes hurt.

I've had lots of interviews for jobs I'm fully qalified to do.
And I thought they went really well.
And I haven't been called back.

So basically, I am feeling pretty lame right now.
TONIGHT David and I are going to eat dinner at Angelos (an Irving tradition)
Then I'm going to talk him into watching a chick flick with me.
And getting me Blue Bell MooLenium Crunch to drown my sorrows in.

Next week I am starting to run!!!
I want to do a 5k by our anniversary.
And a 10k by by my birthday.
I got shoes and socks at the running store, and I need to do at least a mile per dollar I spent.
Which means I got a LOT of running to do.

Classes start next Monday (they are just online, so no worries) and we have all our books but 1 bought.
FAFSA money finally came through (freaking geez, it took forever!) and so we are less stressed about paying for school.
Note I say less stressed, not un-stressed.
David's school being so expensive (b/c he is out of state) has put a serious dent in our debt repayment.

When I get a job I am buying a car.
A VOLVO (probably) which is pretty much my dream.
I'm stoked.

Okay, I am going to go apply for more jobs now.

The End.


Brittan said...

i would hire you to be bradley's nanny in a heartbeat if you were in new york! i still really want to hang out while i'm here. i don't have a car and go to bed at 9:30 most nights. lamest.

Jason Hahn said...

I will run a 5k with you.