Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love these kids I'm nannying for, but 3 1/2 year olds would be very effective terrorist - no weapons of mass destruction needed. 3 hours of unexplained screaming with no way to stop it even after begging, pleading, asking, and bribing would make anyone give the terroists what they want. Which in this case was apparently nothing other than ignoring.

Also, I got more pictures of little EB, my baby nanny friend. OH MY GOSH. I want to pinch her fat little cheeks. I get to meet her on Monday. SOOO EXCITEEEEDD.

I am a little delirous due to the fact that I stayed up WAAAY to late last night to finish listening to The Hunger Games. OHMYGOSH. Ya'll. READ THIS. Its freaking awesome. I am reading (okay, listening) to the second book now. HOLY CRAP. Seriously you guys. I had to leave my iPod in the car to keep myself from doing the same thing tonight.

Luckily, I don't have to pick the terroist twins up until noon tomorrow, so I'll have a chance to sleep in and get my energy up in order to quell any attempts at munity tomorrow.

Sidenote: I am debating never having children. Seriously. Why do people do that to themselves? Freak man, they are hard work. You know what is more fun than kids? Sleep. And not refolding every single shirt they own because whilst you were in the bathroom, they decided to throw them all over the ground. And snuggling your husband without worrying that at any moment a small missle is going to launch itself into your bed. Also: Not having to watch cartoons (unless of course you are married to my husband who is watching cartoons as I type this) and being able to use the words Stupid, Shut Up, and Butt. Its gonna take a while for me to get my whole desire for children back. So, I have found the best and most effective form of birth control. (PS they are looking for a Nanny since I'm leaving if anyone is interested. They really are really great kids. Its just between no sleep and a major tantrum I am feeling a little bit insane. I like them a lot.)

Okay, bedtime.

The End.

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