Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day off?


I feel so awkward that I make the same amount of money a week no matter how much I work.
Which is not to say that I'm getting screwed over.
Because I'm totally not.
Its to say that when I have a day off (like Monday, for Labor Day), and still get paid the same, I feel like I'm stealing or something.

Yes, I am aware this is normal (the getting paid part, not the guilt part) and realize that it is time for me to put on my grownup panties and get over it, but seriously. STEALING.

Also: I am on a quest to make little EB smile. Its not going to well. She's just such a SERIOUS baby. Hopefully this will change and I will have a smily 3-month old in about 5 weeks. She eats and sleeps a LOT. Which, yeah, is normal for a baby, but seriously. I just want to play with her and she's like, heck no, I'm taking a nap. Silly kid.

ALSO: I write her a blog. You can see it here. Its things like this (and the fact that they want more kids) that make me have ultimate job security. They freaking love me. . . . almost as much I love EB. Awwww.

The End.

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Aaron and Julie said...

molly was such a serious baby, its such a breath of fresh air to have our little goofball nick!!