Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainy Day

So, friends, I have a life update for you.

1. I love my job. Yesterday, David got to come to work with me, and fell just as in love with little EB as I am. She is very seriously the cutest baby of all time and has the most adorable cheeks ever and I just like to kiss them. I was talking to David on the way home yesterday about how it doesn't feel like a job, because jobs inherantly suck, and you just do them to get money. I go to work every day not to make money (although that is a nice perk) but because I love that dang baby to the moon and back. She is just wonderful and adorable and growing every single day. I used to wonder if I could ever truly love a child that wasn't mine (ie, if we could ever adopt kids), and I know now that I totally could. At the same time, I love how much her parents love her, and how ... just... GOOD they are to/with her. And that she has them as parents, and not me. Its hard to explain. My bosses are the nicest people in the world, and I just am so glad that I work for them. We get along so well. Yesterday, we (me, David, my bosses and EB) were all in the kitchen/dining room and EB's mom was like, we are like one big family! Thats totally how I feel - like I am part of their family. But its not awkward or forced or like.. too much or something. Its just natural and wonderful. I just never thought that I would love this job as much as I do, but I really really love it. I have nothing to complain about (other than the fact that I watch way too much TV, but really, how do I complain about that?) and man. I just love my job.

2. I love my husband. He is just this really wonderful man who cares about me every day. We have been getting super deep lately, which sounds stupid because hi, we are married, but its true. We are talking about stuff that just has never been brought up. Its refreshing that after 6 years of knowing someone, 3 years of being together, and 2 years of marriage that we can still learn things about eachother and our life views. I understand more and more why people wait to get married - because they know who they are and have their life views set - but love more and more the fact that we got married young - because we can help shape who the other is and how we see our world. Its so awesome to me that we get to grow together every day, and figure out exactly what we want our lives (plural) to be.

3. We are SO CLOSE to being out of debt. Well, not all our debt, but the kind that charges us intrest. Its so freaking exciting that we will finally be done with that crap. Ugh. Stupid BYU and no-FAFSA b/c we made like 100 bucks over the poverty line and not making enough money to pay for our life. Moving on.

4. We are going to finance Apple this year if I have my way. I want an iPod touch for my birthday - my iPod is 5 years old and takes approx 2 years to get from song to song (serious lag). We need a new laptop (since David dropped mine, and the one we are using now is my mom's) so we are thinking of gettnig a macbook for christmas for eachother. And David has been a peach about not getting presents for birthdays or annivesarys while he has gotten me stuff for every one, so I am going to get him an iPad for his b-day this year. This, of course, is if we decide to be irresponsible and buy all this stuff. More likely than not we will decide to wait and save our money and blah blah blah. I mean, we aren't being super irresponsible, because we would pay cash for it and save for it and stuff, but we COULD be saving it in an IRA, or putting it towards our non-intrest debt (David Family Trust loan for his freshman and soph years of college, which he has to pay of when he finishes school in a million years but we want to pay off sooner), or doing a million other things than buying technology that will be outdated in a year. We will probably end up waiting on the iPod touch and the laptop until Mac decides to do the "buy a laptop, get an ipod" deal again, but I will, if it kills me, get David a freaking iPad for his birthday. Boyfriend deserves the pampering. He's awesome.

I have a problem with not writing forever, then writing too much.
Sorry about that.
I love you alllll

The End.


Kelsey and Porter said...

Porter and I should be Mac spokesman. Seriously. Christmas we both got eachother ipod touches. His parents got him an 80 gig classic, I got a macbook pro this summer for school and got another touch for free. So between the two of us we have two mac laptops, three touches, ( i will sell the one i got with the laptop! to you? :) ) two classics, and two nanos. We're ridiculous. But they're just the best.

Stephanie J. Hoyt said...

Mmm. I like this post. It was nice and long and thus afforded me ample time to eat a lot of tootsie rolls. Pete REALLY wants an iPod touch for Christmas. And PS, why are you not a follower on my blog? And why am I not on your list of blogs?! I thought we were friends...