Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neeeeeeeeeeew and a bit. . . ALARMING

Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long at the ACTUAL movie theatre? Best. Thing. Ever.

David went with little EB and I to the Arboretum today. I shall add some photos when I upload them. They are adorable together! She likes him more than she likes me! Dangit!

David got a new jooooooooob. Which is gonna be awesome. More deets when all is said and done but it has a few good things I can say now: 1) Pays more. 2) Is in Dallas and close to my work. 3) Will use pretty much all the same skills that he uses now, but in a more fun way. He's super excited and so am I! He will get nights and weekends off, which means I will actually get to see him! YAAAAY!

Okay, I'm distracted because we are watching The Big Bang Theory, so I'm gonna jet!

The End.

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