Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, my birthday is on Saturday.
I am not telling you this to make you wish me a happy birthday, altho if you want to that would be okay.
I am telling you this to tell you how lame I am.

"What are you doing for your birthday?"
"Well. . . I think sitting at home, making David go get me icecream, and watching a movie or something."
"Seriously? You aren't even going to see Harry Potter?"
"Oh yeah. Maybe. I might just want to sit on the couch, tho."
"What about friends?"
"We already hung out with all of them last weekend, so probably not."
"Okay, I'm going to go now."

.... Guys, I am lame.
I am taking full advantage of "my birthday week" by making David do stuff for me.
Its in our marriage by-laws.

EB gets cuter every day. As I type this she is laying on a blanket next to me playing with the fabric of my jeans. I think she likes the way it feels. I just love that little baby!

Okay, my legs are falling asleep. Time to play with my babynannyfriend!


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Jason Hahn said...

You hung out with ALL of them last weekend? Ouch.