Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Post! (Warning: Lots of pictures)

This is what I came to work to on Friday morning!

That night was my late night, and my boss brought home sushi for me and David (which was devoured too quickly to get a photo of but it was soooo goood!) and sprinkles cupcakes! They were delish!

This was David's fav Birthday Animal.

Can you tell my Boss is a Hunter?

23! I was waiting in the Car whilst David took a test real fast like on my B-day! 

We went over to Cami and Mike's and had DELISH waffles and bacon and eggs for brunch! 

We went and saw Harry Potter after this. Which was awesome. 

After, we went back to their house, had leftover enchiladas, then Cami made me a Birthday Tart! It was delish!

This is us on my 23rd B-day! We almost didn't get a picture! I had to wake David up! :-) 

The next day, my Mom made a Harry Potter day! This is Butterbeer and it was DELISH.

This is Harry Potter Dinner. The House Elves did a masterful job in preparing Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy (imported from England!) and roasted parsnips, carrots, onions and celery root!

 We had Trifle for dessert! And warm butterbeer, which I didn't get a picture of because we were watching Prince of Persia and it was dark.
All in all, a very successful birthday. You may notice there are not a lot of real gifty-gifts. Thats because I don't like them. Well, I do, but I am really not in need of anything major at the moment, plus Christmas is coming up anyways. PLUS, David and I went shopping and I got a few new items of clothing and was mucho happy with that. My bosses DID order me the pie-carrier of my choice, a vintage tin one that is AWESOME, which I will have to show you when it arrives. 

Also, I like that my phone takes decent-ish pictures. If I actually used the camera app I downloaded, they would be even better, but whatevs. 

The End.

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