Thursday, December 2, 2010

Of Babies and things

My babynanny friend, EB, is sitting in her swing chewing on her hand. She does not want to be held. She still has 10 minutes till its time to eat, and the swing calms her down. Am I a bad nanny for putting her in her swing? I vote no.

It is 1:20pm and I have yet to unload the dishwasher, which I usually do before 8am. Whoops.

There is laundry that I should probably do, but it can also wait until tomorrow, when I will do all the laundry in the household. Lazy, or using my time wisely? I vote the latter.

Someday I will want my own baby. I will probably be the same kind of Mom as I am Nanny, except I'll probably wear pants a lot less while the baby is little, and my boobs won't be my own (but they will be huge!) during that time either. That being said, I think I'll be a pretty okay Mom. The house here isn't a disaster (yes, I know they have the house cleaned once a week, but . . . thats 4 days a week I could be making a mess!), the laundry and dishes are kept up with, and the baby is healthy and happy (most of the time). Aren't those all the things I'm supposed to do as a Mom, or is there more? Who knows, I guess I will figure it out when that time in my life comes, but this job is making me more confident in my mom-ing abilities/giving me the unique opportunity to try stuff (products, classes, foods, etc) to see what I think is cool/good for when I have a kid someday. Not only do I get paid in cash monies, I get paid in experience! AWESOME!

David and I got our Christmas tree last night! 20 bucks! It isn't the prettiest tree, but its a real one gosh dangit, and it has all our pretty ornaments on it, and our house feels like Christmas and I love it. My parents are beings scrooges this year, so I have to make up for it!

I got hired to do a big-time cake for a friend's friend's boyfriend's 40th bday. 4 tiers, one for each decade, decorated with his accomplishments from each 10 year span. I'm pretty stoked, and will start baking this weekend, then put the cakes in the freezer until a few days before the party, when the decorating extravaganza begins! I really want to give myself more than enough time with this cake, because I feel like a lot of times I short myself on time, and then short the cake on awesomeness, so this time is gonna be AWESOME.

Alright friends, time to feed that baby!

The End.

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Net said...

definitely post pics of the cake!

I was a nanny to 2 boys, 5 & 11 yrs old. But I was still single and they were in school most the day. So a very different experience from yours, I imagine. And WAAAYYYY different than life as a mom. But it taught me lots and I am grateful for it.
My favorite saying is, "You don't know until you know it."

What's up with the scrooginess?