Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tired, but happy.

I have been saying a lot of stuff is the worst lately. A former friend has become "Their Name-The-Worst", United Airlines has become The Worst Airline Ever. LAX has been loveingly called The Worst Designed Airport In the History Of Airports. Even things like leaving the beach have been called The Worst.

Anyways, I basically had nightmare travel to St. George (all at the hands of United), awful travel (of my own doing, mostly) back from Cali, and it has taken me until now to mostly recover. I don't recommend doing 2 trips within 10 days and basically flying or driving for 4 entire days of those 10. It suuuked.

The good news is, I survived. And after I write some angry letters (after this weekend. gotta stay chill till our After Halloween par-taaaaay) I might get some travel vouchers.

ANYWAYS, Two weekends ago, I made my friend Brittan's wedding cake and attended her awesome Greek Feast wedding night. It was awesome. I helped write the ceremony a little bit, and do the decorations a little bit and made the cake. It was a wedding very near and dear to my heart, because I have been there thru it all. The cake was awesome. I have pics that someday I will post. It was seriously great, and it was so nice to dance with David. It had been a while, and it was good just to stop and love on eachother. The Greeks were amazing and I now have a goal to eat as much Greek food as possible, in Greece if that is something that is at all possible. I have decided that I love people and I love food and Greeks love both. So we can be friends! The drive to the Ranch (a little over an hour each way) was also a really nice way to reconnect and chat. He is so great to me with cakes - makes sure that everything is delivered well and that I don't get too too stressed. He cleans up after me and tells me how amazing I am. He is the best.

The chocolates in St. George were awesome. I also have pics of that on my camera which I will upload maybe at some point. And I am going to make a few batches in the coming weeks, so if you are close to me location wise, expect some, and if you aren't, send me your address and I'll get some to you. I had such a blast hanging out with my Grandparents. They are so funny and kind and the best kind of people. I am going to make a fall visit a tradition, not only to help my Grandma with her holiday Chocolates, but just to hang out with them. I know they won't live forever (they are in their 80's) and I just like spending time with them, so I better do it now.

I did this while in Cali

Yes, it is an awful instragram photo (which I stole from a stranger's facebook) that you can't even see the entire cake in and the colors look wack, but hey, that cake was checked on a plane and assembled ON SITE. Someday when I go home (I am at work because I have had to get the girls to school this week in the mornings then when they get home from school and I don't like driving home just to do nothing, when I can do it so good here, in this empty house) I will upload some nice photos from my camera. Just trust me that it is awesome. I also did two other cakes that I finished about an hour before I flew out (ugh Cake Allnighters, I have not missed you). Oh, the things I do for cake.

The thing I want to talk most about is Cali, probably b/c it is closest on my mind b/c I just got back on Sunday. The wedding in Cali was seriously perfection. I flew in Thursday and had a 2+ hour drive back to Blythe from Pheonix (where I flew in) and it was actually great, because I got to meet Brooklyn's Randy and we chatted the entire way. Then we went to the River and just let the sunlight make joy in our souls, then we went back to the house and we all did various things. I started on the cake, we all crafted some final things, we chatted. It was great. We set up all the tables and chairs at the reception site and that took for-ev-er, but the end result was awesome. On Friday I finished the cake, we finished set up, and we got hott. I bought my dress about 18 hours before I left, and I liked it a lot. Brooklyn's dress was custom made and amazing. 

The reception was great - I knew NO one, except Brooklyn's fam (who I mostly knew thru stories, not in person) so I just sat back and soaked it all in. Perfect weather. Nearly full Moon. People laughing and eating and talking. Boys with guitars and uke's playing and singing behind me. It was awesome. Everyone loved the cake. Nothing makes me feel better than someone telling me it is the best cake they have EVER had at a wedding. The parent's toasts made me cry like a small child. They were so good and so great. So much love for these two. I did some pre-takedown while things were winding up and everyone was chatting and saying good byes. It made cleaning up a breeze and we all got to bed before midnight, after I re-do some bouquets (they were a little ugly). 

When I awoke in the morning at Brooklyn's friend's house (All Hail the Quists!), there was Bacon and Pancakes and OJ. I love these people. I want to move in. But sadly, we have to leave too fast and get on the road to the Newport Temple! This 4 hour drive was my favorite. I was in the car with Brooklyn, Randy, and Michelle (the photographer). We just talked and laughed and joked about sex. I just loved this drive. I can't tell you how good it was to be with Brooklyn before she got married and to just see how much she LOVES Randy and how the wait they had to endure to get married in the Temple was SO SO SO worth it. 

The Temple was amazing. The look on Brooklyn's face was just one of absolute assuredly that it was the right person, the right time, and the right place to get married. It was just so calm and so perfect and so so lovely. I just really love both of these people a lot. Brooklyn has been there with me thru it all with The Freshman Year From Hell, my courtship with David (she was actually the only one of my friends who was there the Summer we started dating when he got off his mission) and my wedding and newlywed times. I miss her so much and it was so good to be there, celebrating the fact that she found the one person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. And it was a celebration. And as a guest, I felt included and loved and appreciated and it was just amazing.  

Two weddings in one month of two friends who were 4-7 years older than me when they got married has made me reflect a lot on my own wedding. And what keeps coming up? Man, I was so so young and had no idea how important of a commitment I was making. And I am so glad I did, but I wish I had really known what it is to love another person completely or what it means to be an amazing spouse. I wish I had read more books to prep, or we had more talks about things that have come up since we've been married. Both of these friends were so PREPARED to be married. I wasn't, at all. My wedding day was amazing, and the temple was incredible, and while I thought I was ready, I wasn't at all. I wish that I could marry David all over again now, because I love him SO MUCH MORE now. I am so much more READY to be a wife. To love and care for a Husband. And I love that we have grown up together. But man, we were stupid and young and had no clue what we were getting into. But we've done pretty well with it, and as older, wiser humans, we would do it again, just as young and stupidly, just to make sure we would be with eachother an no one else.

The End.

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Brittan said...

uhhhhm k. this made me cry.

that cake is BEAUTIFUL (though i will always love my cakes the best).

i love you. being married rules. that is all.