Monday, January 7, 2013

The Us Diaries: Part 1 : The fated night we met

The date: some Saturday in October in 2004.

The time: Evening. Probably sometime around 6pm.

The event: A church Dance somewhere in Dallas-ish (maybe Plano? We can't remember).

The set up: My mom had a student who was Mormon. He was complaining that there were no LDS girls to date. My best friend was also complaining of the same thing. My mom set them up on a date.  I was dating a Jewish dude named Ben - I was dragged along because I had met my mom's student once, making it less awkward. David was minding his own business when he got dragged along - he didn't even like my mom's student! - as a backup to this blind date.

The happenings: David rings my doorbell. I answer, with my makeup half done. He is wearing a Chick Magnet Trucker Hat. I invite him in, thinking he is cute... and early. He is wishing that he had dressed a little differently - cuz I'm a lot cuter than he expected. He awkwardly stands there in my living room as I go back and finish my makeup and my friend finished getting ready. We emerge, go get into the car, and drive to the dance.

This is me - in a typically bad shot. We luckily didn't judge eachother based on photos - or eyebrow skinniness (seriously, what was I thinking?!)

This is David. We took awful photos, seriously.

We went to the dance and danced a lot - mostly with each other, but some with other people. I remember sitting with David on the floor talking about concerts we had been to and life in general for a really long time. He remembered thinking "Wow, this girl really likes me" for the first time ever - it was the first time he felt like he could talk to someone and it was easy. I remembered thinking about how I was going to breakup with Ben ASAP - except the next week was homecoming so it couldn't be before then (yes, I was an awful human being). I wish I had been keeping a journal at that time, but I wasn't (other than Xanga - and that doesn't count), but I do just remember being excited about meeting a nice Mormon guy who my parents would probably approve of (unlike my last LDS boyfriend), and David said he just remembers thinking that I was the "coolest girl ever" (his words, not mine).

This is a picture of us on the way home from the Dance. We were so young, and adorable, and blonde. 

To be continued. . . . 

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Heather said...

And blond!! How young!! Cute story-keep it coming.