Sunday, November 29, 2015

Musings of a Housewife

So, I am living the proverbial dream, right? I am a housewife. I am not working. We are living in a sweet apartment on a 9 acre estate. I have two adorable dogs whom demand snuggles and my husband only works 3 days a week!


Actually, it isn't that bad. I am working out a lot. Not enough - well, enough, but not hard enough. I need to push myself. Anyways. I'm working out. Step one complete.

I am cooking healthier food - Gluten (and corn for the most part) isn't part of my diet anymore and I am starting to feel SO much better. It is so so nice.

I am going home to visit this week for 8 days - I am working for most of it and making chocolates for the rest, but it should be fun to have my own car. Sharing a car is awful, BTW. I never want to have one car on purpose again, unless we live in a big city with good mass transit (NYC, I am looking at you).

Anyways, I had something I was typing about, when I started this. I am now completely off track. Crap.

Oh, I started this to brag/be ashamed about my email. So, at the start of last week I had around 20,000 emails in my inbox. Most of it was junk mail that just needed to be gone thru. A lot of it was important-ish information that needed to be filed away in folder for future reference. So, since I have no job and no car to go do anything with after 5pm on nights David works, I have been slowly netflixing and cleaning out my email! As of this moment, I have TWO emails in my inbox! TWO!!!! I am very very impressed with myself, seeing as I don't know the last time I had that many emails in my inbox. Probably never. And I will delete both of them tomorrow, dog gone it! INBOX ZERO. IT IS REAL. I HAVE FOUND IT.

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