Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hello world.
Let me tell you about California.

- My grocery bill is twice what it was in Dallas, but my produce is real good. Strawberries are amazing here.
- The BART train system is LOUD. Screeching screeching.
- The weather is completely different on the Peninsula than where we live.
- People are way more outdoorsy here. More hiking, more biking, more walking. Lots of trails.
- An hour drive easily turns into 2 with no warning.
- The toll system here SUCKS compared to Dallas.

In other news, I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago and I finally figured out how to fix it yesterday. Lots of painful rolling and these things called Sissy Squats. Turns out my kneecap is tracking wrong (it goes to the left) because my muscles are so tight. I need to start doing Yoga again, but before I can do that I need more rolling and squats. It has sucked because I was getting into a really good groove of Hiking and Biking every day. Hoping I feel 100% when we get back from Texas (I go tomorrow!) so I can enjoy our last 3 weeks here!

The past 2 months have FLOWN by. I feel like Baltimore dragged forever and here I feel like we aren't here long enough. Amazing what good weather can do.

Our Summer plans have shaped up real nice like. I can't wait to spend 2 1/2 months non-stop with my love! I am gonna miss that fool when we part ways in August! 2 years will fly by, but living as a long-distance married couple is gonna be interesting.

Mostly right now I am looking forward to seeing the PUPPIES TOMORROW. Ahhhhh.

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