Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunday

David is at work right now. Its the one Sunday a year he has to work. It is very sad... Sunday is our day for laying around together, and doing nothing besides laundry and making the apartment pretty. So I am here, laying around, about to clean the apartment because we are having people over for dinner after he gets off work. Blarg. 
Oh! I have a story. With pictures to come later!
David booked us a hotel in SLC for next weekend, to celebrate one year since I got a ring on my finger! And because I am bummed with how little I have been seeing him lately. 
As most of you know, next weekend is conference weekend, so we are going to try to get some standby tickets or whatev and go. David has never been, so it should be fun .
He surprised me by having a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers, a dress (its cute, but too small. :-( He said he tried to get the next bigger size and they didn't have it. we are going to return it and get another one), and a card/poem thing he made. It was way adorable. Just like him! :-) He saved up his plasma money for all this stuff - and I thought he was buying stargate the whole time!
Well, thats all thats going on lately. 

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