Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Next Semester

I am going to take a break from school next semester. I really didn't want to be in school too much this semester, and I can tell that if I continue on the path I am currently on, I will get bad grades and not graduate. Which is not what I want.
I am going to try to get a full time job, probably at APX, I think that Jan is good timing to get a job with them, or maybe right after/before school ends this semester.
Speaking of jobs, I found another one for this semester. I am going to be on the catering staff with BYU! This should be great fun. I have orientation here in the next week! Wish me luck.
David is more and more sure of getting his MAAC. He wants to be a CFO some day, like David Wallace on the Office. :-) He still wants to minor in Psych and double major his undergrad in Business Managment, with an empasis in marketing. He loves school. I guess opposites really do attract.
In other news, we got another $30 gift card from Target, which means another week of free grocries! We are doing pretty well with sticking with our grocery budget, and I am pretty excited for winter b/c it means tons of delicous (and cheap!) soups! I think I'm going to try to start making bread in October.
Peace out kids!

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Jessica said...

oh my goodness- i just realized that you were a follower on my blog - i'm glad you found me. you are too cute and i LOVE your wedding dress. that pic of your parents at the reception is really cute too. i'm glad to catch up with you! i will "follow" you blog when i figure out how to do it. ha.