Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Milking the internet for all its worth.

Yes, I just posted like 8 hours ago. Psh.
Its currently 11:25 PM. I am awake in the living room while my cute husband sleeps in the other room. I tried to go to bed with him at 10:30, but cannot fall asleep. I've tried like 12 times. So, I thought maybe I'd put up some photographs of our wedding!
These are from Jared, Kami's husband, whom we love a lot for saving our butts. That need some splain', so here we go:
For all who don't know... on our wedding day, our photographer was a no-show. What!?!?, you ask? Well, he thought it was the next day. Don't ask me how you don't know what day 080808 is, but that is neither here nor there. So, we come out of the temple to a very anti-climatic "where's the photographer?"

David played it off well. I squinted. (I did this a lot)

However, pretty sure I did my little turn on the catwalk better. :-)

Despite all the shenanigans, we were pretty happy to finally be married! 
Flowers were AWESOME. The most beautiful blue hydrangea and white roses. I hope somewhere there is a good shot of my bouquet, b/c it was FREAKING AWESOME. Also, I did my own hair. WooHoo!
This is me, trying not to get mad, on the phone with my photographer. He was in Provo. He hustled on up to SLC in time for the luncheon, and things turned out just GREAT! (I will put the 5 photos we have from him thus far in another post)
This is Kami & Quinny! They are my fav. Kami lets me play with her kids so I don't have to have my own. :-)
My family. Typical. (Where are my brothers? No one knows. I seriously don't remember seeing Tony till the reception, and Nick somehow didn't take photos with me and my parents.)
The Allen's. They know how to take photographs. 
We are pretty cute. For real. (Also, David lost that tie. Sad.)
This shows off my hoss of a dress. I loved it SO MUCH. Also, Laura made my veil for me. :-)
I like this. My ring is huge. Also, David is so ATTRACTIVE. Seriously. I should marry him or something. 
I like this. A lot. (My heels were 4 inches tall. Sitting felt goooood.)
I have NO SHAME about the fact that I have yet to see a single picture of me kissing David. It was MY DAY and MY FACE will be in all the photos. Haha. Seriously. I was a princess. He is my prince. It was a freaking disney movie.

Yeah. We got married there. Whats up. (I would also like to mention that my train was three times that long before I got it chopped off)

I like this. I look sassy. My girls look hott.
The three who got married this summer! Summer of the S! Steph, Sab & Stevi!
First dance. He is tall. My hair is falling. Good times.
I've decided on a BAD day my parents look 45. Here they look like they had me when there were about 15. Who knows WHAT their true age is! (52&50!)
Me & Pops. I look just like him.
Cake! Why is it three colors of blue? I really don't know, but look at the cake topper! Its us! 
This was the crowning glory of the evening. Its a stargate, for all the non-nerds out there. David just about flipped his lid.

And thats it! Well, not even close. But I'll try to give all the rest in smaller doses. :-)
I'm off to join my husband in the land of dreams!

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