Monday, September 22, 2008

No Internet?

So, David and I are going to try something new next month... to live without the internet! Well, at least the internet in our house. Our landlords are charging us 30 bucks a month for internet, which we find pretty high, so we are going to go without in order to save money. Hopefully our landlord's aren't too mad at us... we live below them. We will still be updating, just from campus instead of whenever I'm home. We are hoping that this will help us become more productive and less internet-minded. 
I got some more storage boxes at IKEA on friday. They were all out of the big ones I wanted, but now the entertainment center is complete with all of its DVD boxes of wonder. I'll have to post a photo. Its pretty and white!
I am trying to get my classes from last semester to be discontinued, since I failed them all due to falling down some icy stairs. Wish me luck!
Hope all is well with everyone! We should play and have dinner sometime!

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