Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Being A Good Housewife

My ToDo list for the day:
Laundry, 4 loads (this is supposed to be David's job.)
Dishes (there is like, an entire sinkful. Also David's job but I love him THAT MUCH)
Thank You Notes (address them all. and put them in the mail) 
Make MeatLoaf & Mashed Potatoes and take them to David for supper.
Go to IKEA and get on-sale storage boxes!
Go to BBB & see if they have any sheets on clearance.
Go to Macy's and get a strainer with our giftcards.
Do school reading for next week.

Seriously, I could do this whole housewife thing. Maybe. Well, probably not. Because David gets the house really messy like, 5 minutes after he comes home. After I cleaned for 3 hours. Lamesauce. 
However, I am excited to go to Ikea today. We need a few more storage boxes for our closet, and some for the living room, and they are having a sale! I also want to look at all the new floor sets - David and I rushed thru last time. Its going to be my date with myself tonight. I'll go like two hours before closing and just stay till they close or something. Maybe I'll get a dollar froyo. 
I need to start the meatloaf. I don't want to. There are too many dishes. UKLFJAKLFJS.
Well, off I go to the land of housewifedom. I really need to get a job.


Christian and Vanessa said...

Sabrina, my birthday twin! Congratulations on getting married. Are you still living in Utah? I can totally relate to the whole clean the house for hours, and its destroyed in minutes...I'm a housewife as well. :)

Havalah said...

YAY1 you have a blog. I had no idea. So we still need to send you your present, lifes been pretty hectic for me. Sorry I never called you back, we were on our way to PA. I'm glad you are already enjoying the life of being a wife and housewife : ) its way fun. Anyway later.

Cali said...

I got the 2009 Ikea catalog today! (finally. ugh) Anywho, Danny won't take me to go look at the new floor sets. Well, maybe he will, I only asked him once...
How was the IKEA trip? Want to take another IKEA trip at some point with that one time...