Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, myspace surveys.

I am: David's wife.
I think: I should be in bed.
I know: that its sad David has to work tomorrow. 
I want: it to be December allready.
I dislike: the scooter being lame.
I miss: my fam in Tejas.
I fear: David dying.
I feel: like being on the beach.
I smell: my hair (I just took a shower)
I crave: Mexican food. ALL THE TIME.
I cry: a LOT. Seriously. If I didn't know I wasn't pregnant, I would think I was pregnant, I'm so emotional. 
I usually: want to buy things I can't afford. 
I search: high and low for my phone every day.
I wonder: what the future holds. 
I love: my husband, who is sleeping.
I always: lay down. I like it better than sitting.
I worry: about money sometimes. Not a lot. 
I am not: a college person.
I believe: in David. 
I dance: when no one is watching.
I sing: loudly to Country music.
I argue: with myself. 
I write: Text Messages.
I win: EVERYTHING. just kidding.
I lose: my phone. EVERY DAY.
I wish: it were December.
I don't understand: why our landlords (now) can't pick someone allready!
I can usually be found: on the couch or in bed.
I am scared: of getting pregnant! AHHH!
I need: a real job and no school, for a while at least. 
I am happy: with my life. 
I tag: no one. Hah.


Net said...

so you like sleep, love David, are tech savvy but are a bit... forgetful?
oh yeah, are you pregnant? ;)

marlee said...

Okay, so when I read this I totally connected with you. The crying thing... and the not going to school thing.
I'm not the only one!!!

Whew :)