Monday, October 13, 2008

La La La

David is in the bedroom taking his Religion test. I am out here, about to get down to some hardcore studying for my tests tomorrow and weds, but before that, I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on life. Not that there is that much to update about, but whatev.

Today, David went to an academic advisor. Turns out, he can't double major in Business Management and Accounting . . . . so he has some choices to make. He wants to be a fancy suit businessman, but at the same time he LOVES his accounting class.  The starting salary for a MAcc student is really decent- and if he gets into the MAcc program, it'll take him a year less (at least that much less, if not more) than getting an MBA- which means he could get a real job that much sooner, and we can start popping out babies HAHAHAHA. (we are still waiting at least 5 years) Also, if he does the MAAc program, he doesn't have to take Stat 221 (The Psych Stat class we are in right now will count) so he is leaning towards that..... slacker! The GPA avg is something around 3.7 to get in - but he can do it! He has been studying his little cute booty off since school started, so I think he should do just fine. We have talked about him getting his MAcc and then doing a MBA at some point later, which would mean he could have a real job making real money, and then maybe the company would pay for him to get his MBA. Which would be sweet. The MAcc program is harder to get into than the regular business program, so he has that as a backup, in which case he would get his undergrad then get his MBA ASAP. 

As for me, I still hate school. A lot. I am looking forward to a semester (or two) off and saving up some money. It'll be nice to have a money cushion on which we can fall if necessary - and if not to spend on a fantastical trip to Europe! Haha! 

Now, onto homework.

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Sally said...

Sabrina, you are so funny :)
My only thought: enjoy school while you can; amazing how much you can miss it only 3 years after graduating.... Especially at the amazing school you are attending. Seriously.