Friday, October 17, 2008

It has been a while

We are now entering the internet-less phase of our marriage. Which is good for us, but bad for you. Poor blog readers. 
I had two midterms this week, and a quiz. Boo. I did study so hopefully I did okayish.
I also bought 3 more chairs! Our apartment is overflowing with them! I got 2 teak armchairs that are quite midcentury and lovely, and a sweet armchair from the world trade center utah that I'm going to recover in some sweet fabric. (Oh, I'm going to recover the Teak ones too, as soon as I figure out where to put them)
So, we now have all the chairs we need, except kitchen chairs, and we only have a couch left to get, but won't look for one until like, December.
Also, last night, about 30 minutes before David was due to come home, I decided to completely rearrange the house. He freaked out a very small amount when he got home, but I have a feeling he will like it more after I finish putting everything away again. I'll post pictures when that happens!
We are still waiting on our landlords to sign a dang contract. Its driving me craaazzzzzy.
I am so excited for DECEMBER.

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