Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dear World

I have but a few things to report.
First off, Kami and Jared are moving. I am very sad about this. They will be back in 2 or so years, but I will miss them when they are gone. We shall go visit them in Cali and have a gay old time. :-)
Second, I looooove my husband. He is a very attractive man who is a very good kisser who also happens to be very smart and a hardworker. I win the best husband award. Hands down.
Third, we are making David a Buzz Lightyear costume for work b/c it was 80 bucks to buy one. Rip off.
Fourth, I am going to be Princess Aurora for Halloween and David is going to be Prince Philip. Rock on. It should be a blast.
Fifth, no internet is going allright. It will be nice to at least have it as an option again in December when we move.
Last, I AM SO READY TO MOVE. Only 2 months left. I might die of happiness.

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