Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh Boy

David is at work until 5:30, and I am here in the Law Library updating our blog b/c its lonely at home. I need to leave soon to change the laundry out. Our landlords are gone (I think. I haven't heard them since Thursday rustling around upstairs) and so we can do AS MUCH LAUNDRY AS WE WANT. We are finally washing our duvet cover (first time. We are gross) and I'm going to wash my pink blanket, which has not been washed since freshman year. ALSO DISGUSTING. I figure that we only have access to these rockin washer/dryers for two more months, so we may as well use them. Whats up.
Our married posse came over last night and we had us a Married Person Party. Well, kindof. The Hansen's and the Hoyt's came over and we played sequence and then watched Disturbia, then talked about how we were old people and needed to go to bed. We ate starburst and popcorn and pizza and chips and dip and cookies. And decided we should play more often.
I still need to post pictures of what our apartment looks like since we reorganized it. Maybe later. Or when we have internet again. But that will be when we move, so most likely I will never want to think of the apartment again, so you'll never see photos. Sorry about that.
Moving on, I am exciteeeed to paint our new HOUSE! HAKSJFKALFJ:.
Also, I am rather spastic.
Also, I worked for 10 hours on Thursday and it made me sick. THANKS BYU. NOT. So I missed the next two days of work. Boo. No money.
Also, I need to take care of some school stuff.
The end,

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Sally said...

I'd say you're not old yet if you can still eat like that! ;P Hope all is well--enjoy the Utah fall for us!