Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Shnikes!

Its 5:30 AM and I AM WIDE AWAKE! 
I had a raging headache as I went to bed, and so I stayed up a while. Then it went away. I went to bed, but did not fall asleep. Lame. So I came and finished my paper the is due... today. Rock on.

We bought a couch tonight. Good times are a'rollin. It looks like the image to the left, except it is a dark charcoal color. I like it. Its comfy. And long enough to lay on. And we got it for 400 bucks including scotchguarding! Rock on! Its my goal that when we move, we can sell it for 100 bucks. Now we just have to figure out at whose house we shall store it at for the next month and a half. I'm voting our Home Teacher's. I mean, he's always asking if there is anything he can do for us, and he does have a big empty basement he isn't using.... 
Also, based on this couch, we have decided on blue for the living room color. Because blue and charcoal are very pretty together. 
Also, the included pillows are ugly. And red. And brown. We all know that charcoal and brown don't go together, at least not on my planet. I'm excited to make new ones. I am going to stuff the new ones with Build-A-Bear stuffing and they shall be gloriously soft. :-) 

I think I'm going to go try to fit in a catnap for an hour or so before I have to get up to start a brand new day. Blogging always makes me tired. 

Sabrina (& her cute sleeping husband)

PS We have internet again... no, we did not give in. Our landlords just STILL haven't picked someone, so we had to relist the apartment on Craigslist and are doing showings AGAIN this week, so we needed the internet to do this. BAH. If they don't decide by like, Tuesday, I might go postal.

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siovhan said...

that is a gorgeous, gorgeous couch. i'm kind of jealous!

okay so funny story. i was surfing craigslist looking at houses/apartments (it's a favorite hobby of mine). well i got sick of eugene houses and boston houses and decided to look at provo. well i clicked on one randomly and it was YOUR place!! :) made me smile real big.