Monday, November 3, 2008

Prop 8

Traditional marriage is "till death do us part." So can we expect that those who back Prop 8, banning gay marriage, will now put as much time and money into banning divorce?

If not, then they should not be voting for Prop 8, which has been said to uphold "traditional" marriage. 

I think that before we focus on who should be able to get married, we should focus on what marriage truly is. Is it just something you do in Vegas for fun? Is it something that has a duration of 5, 10 or 15 years? It is something that can be a "starter" or "trophy"? Is it something that can be cancelled out by a couple of signatures? 

If I were a California voter, I would vote NO on Prop 8. 



Cali said... biggest dream is to become a trophy wife!!


I know girls that are like that.

Havalah said...
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Havalah said...

you might find this this letter very interesting from the church
miss you a ton and love reading your blog

Havalah said...

Sorry, here is the active link.
Sanctity of Marriage

Christian and Vanessa said...

That proposition just goes to show how ignorant our country has become.

Also, God gave us agency to make our own decisions - denying that ability to others would be like saying God was wrong in doing so. Sure, not everyone believes that gay marriage should be a choice...but if God so chooses to punish those who MAKE that decision, that is between them.

That may not come out exactly as I intended, but the general idea is the same.

It is a CHOICE - God gave us the ability to make our OWN choices. Let Him handle what needs to be done after the choice is made.