Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you, The Church.

"Before it accepted the invitation to join broad-based coalitions for the amendments, the Church knew that some of its members would choose not to support its position. Voting choices by Latter-day Saints, like all other people, are influenced by their own unique experiences and circumstances. As we move forward from the election, Church members need to be understanding and accepting of each other and work together for a better society."


Christian and Vanessa said...

Now if only many members would actually take that to heart and stop alienating those who chose otherwise.

siovhan said...

amen and amen.
how one chooses is not necessarily how the other does, and ya know what? that's okay. i'm so sick of all the bickering.

kudos, sab.

The Pollock Family said...
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The Pollock Family said...

If it would have gone the other way would those who were for prop 8 picket outside McDonald's for giving money to the cause. I honestly don't think so. Some people are just sore losers