Saturday, November 15, 2008

A very happy Saturday to you!

So, it is Saturday. The day that I am going to tackle the mess that is my apartment. We have put it off for two weeks, and now it is getting ridiculous. There are about 4 loads of laundry to be done, dishes to be washed and rooms to pick up junk from. Our room looks like a tornado went thru it, with all the clothes spewed about. 
I am excited to clean it so that we can have a happy Sunday filled with yummy food and a clean apartment! Woo HOOOOO!
I have a second interview (basically, I'm hired) at Red Lobster on Weds, and will have orientation on Thrus. I need to buy a white button down shirt. I'm excited to be a server again. Hopefully I can stay there for a few years and get my seniority down and then be a trainer or something that gives me more cash!
Friday is my Birthday Celebration! (My actual b-day is on Thrus, but thats inconvenient, so I rescheduled it) I want to go up to Park City and go to this Mexican Food place that we have a gift card to and eat guacamole to my heart's delight! Brooklyn and Lyndsi are coming for sure, and I need to call The Hoyt's and the Hansen's to make sure they are on board. 
I am feeling very sickly today. Hopefully when the apartment is clean I will feel better.
Love and kisses,

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siovhan said...

i need your address, yo.