Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Times!!!

SO we still don't have internet so i am in Econ typing this...what's up!!! So Sabrina is now employed at a woman's wellness center and a receptionist and is excited to get them way more organized than they are now. I think this is going to be really good for mostly because she has something to do instead of just sitting at home alone and bored. I am almost done with this semester and i think that i should do well overall. It was a beast of a semester which will be nothing in comparison to next semester but i can do it. I hope... Other than that life is good overall all i have a big work load in the next few weeks because of christmas. Last saturday was crazy busy and we so did not have enough people working and it's only going to get worse. Only two more weeks until Christmas. And only 11 billion more bears to stuff till we get there.


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The Pollock Family said...

I miss you guys. When are you coming to visit? I am coming up in January when Jared goes to Cupertino for training. Hope to see you!!