Thursday, January 22, 2009

Freaking Utah Women

So, I get this call today at work:
"Do you prescribe metaformin?"
"Um, well, are you currently on it?"
- Looks it up online-
"Um, do you have diabeties or a history of it in your family?"
"So. . . . why would you want it?"
"Well, it balances your hormones and it makes you lose weight."
- Facepalm -
"Ma'am, there is actually no way to balance hormones other than doing just that - adding hormones or taking them away until there are in the correct balance for a optimally functioning body. Metaformin is a drug used by diabetics to keep their blood sugar regulated. It can cause weight loss - but should only be prescribed in the event of someone having diabetes."
"I'll get back to you."

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But...a lady bore her testimony about it....and..blah blah blah.