Thursday, February 5, 2009

MMM update

Our house is still lovely - altho at the moment it is messy. There is a link in the last post with photos, in case you missed it. One of these days I will actually do a post with photos in it, but meh.

My friend Dylan is visiting this week. We are giving him the Utah experience. Its fun. We are going to the Draper Temple open house tomorrow, and then to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session - Dylan has some family names he and David are going to do, so that should be fun. I'm mostly excited for eating in the SLC temple cafeteria. Its supposed to be fabulous. Mmmm. Foood.

I am baking a cake today, for our friend's birthday on Saturday. I am decorating it on Saturday. It should be a blast. I'll post photos of it when I'm done - I think it'll be my best cake ever. Rock.

David has been deep of the trenches of school these days, but is trudging thru valiantly.

The end.

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Rik said...

K, I'm going to force you to have us over for a dinner party. So we can see you guys and your house, and eat good food. How does that sound?