Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All he wants for his birthday...

Is a baby? Haha. David's brother just had a beautiful baby girl and he told me today over lunch that all he wanted for this birthday, and his next 20 birthdays, was a baby. I told him he was fresh outta luck. Haha.

I don't think a burger is a burger without cheese. I also don't think a soft drink is a soft drink without caffine. (minus ginger ale, because that would be odd for it to have caffine)

My brother called me yesterday and informed me that on Sat we are going to Trail Dust. This is only the dream of my life, seeing as it is the site of many a good memory (my first offical date, my eating contest in which i destroyed miss Marie Cameron) I am reallly excited to get a truly medium-rare steak. They don't know the meaning of "red in the middle" in Utah.

Work has been a tiny bit stressful lately. I still love my boss and my job, but other things could be better. I just need to get a second job so I can remember how good I have it at this one. I shall begin the hunt as soon as I get back from Texas.

I'm pretty sure I am going back to school part time next semester. Apparently, I can still go back to BYU fine and dandy, as long as I fill out a few forms.

We are pretty excited to get our Taxes done this year. David was filing singly for all of last year after we were married, so we should get a nice chunk of change back. We shall use it wisely.

We have been doing well with our savings plan. We have a account to keep track of our finances, and opened up an online savings account with ING direct. We have earned like 2 bucks in intrest so far, and we've only had it a month! WooHoo! We have automatic transfers that come out of our checking account twice a month that just go straight into our ING account. That money adds up pretty quickly! Woo hoo!

Oh, David's birthday is today, in case you didn't catch that. My old man is 22! Haha. And we've now been married for over 6 months and have managed to not kill eachother! Things are going great! We are going to go buy high school musical 3 tonight, and watch it and eat sushi. David is such a lucky birthday boy!

I'm starting this crazy diet after I get home from Texas. It should be fun. David is going to kindof do it with me. Ish. He has gained like 12 pounds since we've gotten married, and ditto for me, which isn't good since I was like 25 pounds heavy then anyways. All the girls at work are doing it as well, so I'll have a good support system. If it goes well, I'll post before and after photos.

MMM the end. Maybe someday I will get better a blogging.


The Pollock Family said...

If David wants a baby he can have Quintin. I am coming up the end of March, again. For a week and a half. See you soon. :)

Mar said...

that is a boldface lie, sabrina allen. you did not beat me. and I challenge you to a re-match just to prove it.
please ride down the slide for me, and take a picture with not-hugh-o-brian.
love you.

oh, happy bday david.