Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey Creepers!

So, hello to the 501 people who have visited this site in the past 30 days! Way to not say hi or even buy me a drink first before you read about my life!

I should probablllly update more, eh? Maybe someday.

I've been nuts the past week. And today I am so tired I might die. I probably should get some lab work done, but we are poorer than poor.

We are getting a nice chunk of change from the government, and with that we should be completely out of debt by the end of this month. I am getting another job on Thursday, so that'll help us flesh out our savings accounts. I think I am switching online banks, because our just dropped our rate to 1.85, from 3.5! Lame sauce. So I'm switching banks after we get our tax return. Its really easy, and I'll leave a couple of bucks in this bank so I can trade back and forth depending on who has the best interest rates. I am not chasing rates more than these 2 banks. Bah.

We are trying to not eat out at all this month. So far its going well! :-) It has a dual purpose - save money and get healthy. We both feel gross after the last 2 weeks of last month.

Um, Wayne is coming to live with us next month. It should be a blast. He is sortof dating a friend of ours, so it'll be fun to see how that turns out.

We are not officially an Uncle and an Aunt. David's little bro had a baby girl and we got to spend some time with her on Friday. She is darling!

Um, the end.


The Pollock Family said...

Ok. I'll leave a comment. :) Me and the kids are coming to Utah on March 20 through April 6. Can you make some time to see us? :) The kids miss you.

siovhan said...

i'm SOOOO glad you blogged.
i've missed your humor in my life.
i'm excited for you to get your new job.
and i'm excited for your new roommate wayne. :D

Lyndsi Shae* said...

love, i am nuts.
i studied: none.
crazy things happened tonight.
and i studied: none.
oh man.
oh man oh man oh man.