Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life according to Wayne

So life has been crazy recently. David and I are working really hard at trying to be as cool as Wayne. But seeing how this is nearly impossible, we've just about given up. David has also been running with Wayne, trying to get back into shape and all. Me? Well its really all the same story - work, feed David, work, sleep A LOT. David is trying to find a new job for the summer. We have this plan of saving money up over the summer so that David won't have to work as much during the fall semester. I've lost two pounds, which is awesome because before I wasn't because of my gay gallbladder that probably will need to be removed sometime if it doesn't stop destroying my right upper quadrant. Well thats about it, we missed going to the festival of colors because it was cold, and we are wimps. And by we I mean David...mostly David. Work was insane today, there was like a thousand peeps wanting me to fix all their problems; reality check I DON'T CARE. Not much else happening, PeAcE oUt y'all.

(written by Wayne for the couple Allen)

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