Monday, April 6, 2009

Back-Back-Back it up baby!

So, I am sitting here on my faithful little macbook, who will be 3 years old this summer. He is slugging along burning a DVD which will hold all the photos currently on my computer.
Next up: Documents
After that: Music.
Mac has been running slow lately, and I think its b/c I have about 15 gigs of useless things on him, clogging his information arteries. So, we are purging, me and mac, and putting memories onto shiny little disks. Yay!

We are going to do this with David's computer soon as well. Altho there are only enough DVDs left for mine. Guess that means a trip to the store! Woohooo!

After we save up for David's razor, we are saving up for a Dyson vaccum. A 500 dollar vacuum? I can hear the heads exploding now. However, this is an INVESTMENT. These things last FOREVER. The filter is washable and has a lifetime guarantee. Also, the ball thing makes it fun to vaccum, which means it may happen more, which is needed. Our house gets GROSS. Also, this will be the first vacuum we have ever purchased, seeing as our last apt, we borrowed our landlords, and this apt we got the vaccuum and the bed and a dish rack for 50 bucks. Anyways, we should have enough money saved in a year for this particular goal.

Then, its onto saving for a desktop mac, which will serve our family well after this laptop has moved onto its home in the sky. I want a nice, pretty mac with a nice, shiny screen to use until I have a child. Then, this computer will become the child's (when he or she is at an appropriate age, like, 3 or 4 or however old that is, I'll know when I have a child, I know) and then I will get the pretty new laptop that we would blow our minds to think of the technology now. We will probably have that money saved in like, 3 years (b/c we will be saving for the razor and vacuum for the next year!).

Also, who has heard of smartypig? We have a widget at the bottom of our page. Its AWESOME. Its how we save for all of our savings type things. Now, I didn't link you there to hit you up for money, however. . . . bahaha.

The wedding cake went well. There are photos somewhere (prob with the photographer) so when I get those, I'll let ya'll know.

Allright, I am going to go put away the laundry we did yesterday. Rock on.

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Michael Ferrari said...

Sab and Dave,

Congrats on the SmartyPig goals! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Keep up the savings!

Mike Ferrari, SmartyPig co-founder