Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Have I mentioned?

That I LOVE my landlords?!?!

So, we got an energy audit done on our house last month. It cost 25 bucks, but it told us exactly where the most bang for our buck would be, in regards of replacing windows, water heaters, adding insulation, etc.

The guy who did the audit told me that he had never seen windows first on the list of things to replace, but our house is REALLY old and all the windows are original, single pane, and steel (which apparently is the WORST when it comes to insulation). But, to replace all the windows in the house it would be thousands of dollars. So, the next biggest help would be insulating the walls. Well, we can't do that since the walls are plaster. So, next is adding insulation to the ceiling. After the rebate that the gas company offers, it will only cost about 180 bucks for the entire ceiling. We will probably save that much in the first year, in gas and electric costs. Rock! And the best part, our landlords are paying for it! I think we will have them pay for the first r-19 (which is how much the gas company will rebate for) and we will pay for an additional r-5 or 10. The more help we can get, the better!

David is registering for his classes, which is why we are up so late, and I should be registering too, but BYU is stupid. They say they don't have my ecclesiastical endorsement, but when I got re-admitted to the university, I turned one in. I had to in order to get re-admitted! UGHHHH. So, I will call them bright and early tomorrow morning and chew out whatever incompetent person did this. I'm just really ticked because as of Friday I didn't have any holds, and then today I did. BAHHHH.

Allright, I think I'm gonna go turn in.

Hugs and kisses.

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