Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Married Diet

So, starting tomorrow, David and I are slimming down. We are using this awesome cookbook that talks about balancing your sugars and eating slow, not fast carbs, and etc etc etc so that we both hopefully get down to where we want to be. Neither of us are that concerend, but we would both enjoy being more fit.

However, today, I am eating Romen noodles (right now, as I type this), and later I am making homemade mac and cheese with chip-coated chicken nuggets and homemade honeymustard sauce for the group of kids who is coming over to go to Divine Comedy with us. I MIGHT thow in a salad, but probably not.

I was going to make a big batch of easter cookies with the new wilton comfort grip easter cutters (a sitting bunny and a bunny face)and the leftover buttercream icing I have from the wedding cake, but I awoke this morning with the biggest knot in my shoulder OF ALL TIME. Last night David gave me a shoulder and back massage while we were watching Eureka and apparently it did more damage than good. Ouch.

Let me post a picture for you, of the curtians I made for the kitchen like 2 months ago.

Its kindof dark, but I'm too lazy to take another one. They are rocking curtians that added a lot to the kitchen. Mom my thought that the fabric was tacky (it DOES have sequins) but I wanted something that had blue, no green, and white. And these worked! I loveeeee them. Also, cool that I made them (well, okay, helped).

Anyways, I still have to do curtians for our front room, but we'll see when (read: if) that happens.

Roses were on sale, so I got a dozen orange ones. They are sitting prety next to the TV right now and have re-affirmed my belif that whatever art we get for over the TV should promently feature orange. I love orange and blue together, when done right and in not a "gator football" type way. Oh, the power of the accent color.

Okay, the end.


Joe said...

I gotta say, Sabrina, you are rather entertaining to read! And that's awesome about your upcoming insulation to save on utilities. Our elec company pulled a fast one on us this year and our elec bill has more than doubled-!! Eek. Can't wait to move. :)

Joe said...

P.S. Sorry, this is sally--I didn't realize i was signed in on Joe's account :D
-Sally D.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

Good on account of I'ma Gata Hata.