Friday, April 17, 2009

Photography is one of my skills. Hahahahahahaha.

So, that is a joke (altho I someday aspire to be awesome and take great photos of my kids and etc with a great camera) because this post is going to be photo-filled. With pictures from my blackberry. Lyndsi has our camera, and we always forget to get it back, so the blackberry is all I got right now.

This is our backyard. We like it a lot. On the right is our storage shed, full of our luggage, the blinds we took out of the house, and a various assortment of our crap that we should probably throw away but just don't have the heart to do so. I am putting the garden directly behind the shed. Planting begins tomorrow (just peas, to make sure the soil is viable, they put weed killer on it last year so yeah) On the right is an apt complex that has loud people sometimes. Our yard goes all the way back to the fence (which I'm not sure you can see very well in this photo) and is super huge. Also, please note the swing. It is very fun. But wait! What is that in the middle of the yard?

Oh, just a fallen tree. See all that stupid snow? Yeah, it caused our pretty flowering tree to fall over and I am very sad. David wants to chop it up, but we have to wait for our landlords to give us the okay. The he can be all manly and wield an axe.

Those other photos were taken yesterday, and this was taken today. This is the front of our house, which gets a lot of shade. I want to plant flowers or something pretty here, but I'm not sure if I can, since its SO shady (like, almost all day) I'm going to figure out what I can do in the next few weeks.

This is the little flower spot to the right of the house which gets really good sun. Pretty soon these flowers will look like these ones:

Ooooh, Ahhh, pretty! These just started opening the other day. They are so prettttty!

I thought while I was taking pictures, some of you might like to see where we live! This is it, our house! We looove it here, which is a good thing since we'll probably be staying for a while (like, at least 3 more years). But wait, what is that on the front door? It looks so cute, and adorable and . . . .

OH MY GOSH. IT IS AN EGG WREATH! Haha. I got it 50% off at Roberts - David actually picked it out. We need to get a summery one, but I think this one is so cute I may leave it up a while.

So, this was taken from our front porch. What is it, you ask? Why, it is where I'll (pending hiring, which I'm pretty sure I got. . . I bribed my hire-er with cookies and brownies) be working this summer! wooohoooooo! I get to walk to work!

Remember the discussion on orange in my last post? I thought you would all like to see the inspiration behind it all. Pretty roses! They are going to die soon. :-(

A photo for you to leave with. My husband is SEXY. And my hair is OUT OF CONTROL!


Sally said...

That's a really cute pic of y'all! Happy Spring!!
P.S. And your house looks awesome.

The Pollock Family said...

You Guys are so cute. I am glad you are enjoying the phone because the best person in the world gave it to you. :)

Cali said...

I think the flowers in the sunny corner are actually yellow. I don't remember for sure. I just remember thinking yellow and yellow.
I love our yard too!